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Our Story

Putting up quality feed has always been a family affair, and LUX Farms Feed & Forages is a family- based business; as part of the family, you the client are a a particularly important cog in the wheel of our business.

LUX Farms is fortunate to be the third- generation farming the land which was once owned by Lieutenant Colonel Russell Boyle who was a horse rancher in 1910 and raised remounts for the army and RNWMP. Ironically today, the farm is raising feed for horses, dairy and beef cattle.

We strongly believe in being stewards of the land, focusing on agronomic practices which ensure we are following the 4 r’s: right time, right place, right source, and right rate for soil health. To ensure optimal growth and plant health we utilize an agronomist to soil test and provide fertilizer recommendations. 

By creating a relationship with our client, we strive to select varieties to grow which are best suited to meet our clients’ requirements whether it be domestic or export dairy, equine and beef markets. Working with an agronomist on forage and seed requirements assist with successful establishment and longevity of our hay stands.

Mother Nature may not always cooperate, but we strive to harvest the crop at the proper time, and in the bale type which ensure maximum product quality is obtained for the desired market.  To be able to assist our clients we obtain a feed analysis on all product and have qualified nutritionists review the analysis and provide feedback which allow us to match it with our clients needs.

Customer satisfaction, and long-term relationships with our clients are our goals; we are partners in your operation, and want to learn as much about you as a client and what your needs may be.

About us

We don’t just have “Hay for Sale” rather, we want to understand your feed requirements so that we can meet your needs. We want to invest in your satisfaction, by  constantly reviewing our processes to create feed quality that exceeds your expectations.  

We  pledge to produce the highest quality of feed possible as nothing beats the smell of fresh cut hay, or baling a field that has exceptional quality and colour.  There is satisfaction in seeing a quality bale go into the hayshed.

Farmers Illustration
Agriculture is our passion.
We are humbled and grateful to be stewards of the land, and advocates of our industry.
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