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Alfalfa Mix - Dry & Balage

Alfalfa is the Queen of Forages, and selecting the correct variety is crucial. Therefore, we have focused on dairy blends, which will allow for two quality, high protein cuts in our area utilizing chopped, wrapped baling as the method of harvesting.
In 2020, we under-seeded a blend of Revolution Alfalfa and Novio Timothy - 90:10 ratio, using Italian ryegrass as a cover crop. 


Revolution alfalfa

  • non-GMO low lignin variety of alfalfa

  • chosen for maximum digestibility and a higher protein content resulting in increased milk production and beef yields for the producer.

Novio Timothy

  • large leaves – mid season variety

  • soft with excellent palatability

  • excellent blend with alfalfa

  • put into blend to assist windrow stay off the ground at harvesting


We have another field that is a specific dairy blend of alfalfa, orchard grass, meadow fescue and tall fescue with a dash of timothy.
Advantages of this specific blend:

  • meadow and tall fescue increase the milk lbs/ton of dry matter (DM) 


Balage provides a consistent method to produce high quality feed due to reduced leaf loose and shattering during harvest, while significantly reducing the influence of weather on forage quality. Harvest timing is just prior to or at budding of the alfalfa to capture maximum protein value. Ash content in the forage is reduced due to decreased movement of the swaths within a windrow row prior to baling; reducing dirt being incorporated into the swath by raking.


When evaluating a feed analysis always look at the dry matter calculations.  Low lignin varieties allow for increase digestibility, which relates to improved rumen health and production as you are able to increase dry matter intake. Review moisture content which should be between 30-40%, crude protein, ash content, relative forage quality and pounds of milk per ton of dry matter.


Always have time for a chat or enthusiastic conversation regarding your forage needs.

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