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Timothy Hay

Timothy hay also known as Timothy grass hay is a native grass from Europe. Timothy Grass is a perennial, bunch grass which has tall stalks characterized by its furry ‘cat-tails’ and broad leaves. Timothy Hanson, a Swedish immigrant was believed to be the first person to commercial grow and sell the seed in Baltimore, Maryland around 1720.  He grew and promoted the grass as a superior fodder for horses.

Varieties grown on our operation are:



  • large leaves

  • Soft with excellent palatability

  • Medium heading

  • Excellent blend with alfalfa 


  • Late heading

  • Excellent palatability

  • Single cut variety (in our area)

  • Both Barpenta & Novio are free from any substances known to be toxic to livestock


Our hay is put up in 3 X 4 X 8 ft square bales, which are stacked and stored in a hayshed to reduce quality loss.  To meet export criteria the moisture content is normally around 8 – 12%. Bale weights average between 1200 to 1300 lbs. Round bales or Sweet hay will be available if requested prior to harvesting.


Timothy hay has excellent nutritional value for horses, especially when harvested at the appropriate time. Its lower protein makes it an excellent fit for high performance horses or export dairy rations.


Always have time for a chat or enthusiastic conversation regarding your forage needs.

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